Information about the DesignManager

The DesignManager is a modular calculation software for the design and calculation of fire extinguishing systems with gaseous extinguishing agents. In addition it creates a professional looking proposal.
CO2Nitrogen (IG-100), Argon (IG-01), IG-55 and IG-541 along with Halocarbon extinguishing systems with Novec ™ 1230 from 3M ™ and FM-200® can be designed and calculated.

The DesignManager has been developed on the basis of comprehensive theoretical research. It has been validated in numerous flow tests with extinguishing systems.

The Windows-based DesignManager calculates the entire piping network of the system, dimensions the necessary nozzles, determines the required quantity of the extinguishing agent and calculates the quantity of extinguishing agent containers.

The calculation accuracy of DesignManager provides optimal dimension of gas extinguishing systems from the perspective of both - safety requirements and economic considerations.

Depending on the hazard requirements tailored nozzles can be applied to ensure that the extinguishing agent is distributed within the required discharge time and quantity in the protected area to ensure the desired extinguishing effect.
Data for various standards and guidelines (for example VdS, ISO, EN, NFPA) are considered.
The user gets an extendible Bill of Materials of the designed system.

The integrated visualization window provides convenient design process and a professional visualization for the approval, installation and documentation.

The following Design Manager Modules are available:

Module Halocarbon

  • DM Module Novec™ 1230
  • MD Module HFC-227ea (FM-200®)

Module Oxeo

  • DM Oxeo CF IG-100 (Nitrogen), IG-01 (Argon)
  • DM Oxeo PRO IG-100 (Nitrogen), IG-01 (Argon), IG-541, IG-55

Module CO2

  • DM CO2 HP
  • DM CO2 LP

The DesignManager is an easy-to-use tool for designers and installers, who have to calculate, design and purchase fire extinguishing systems with gaseous extinguishing agents.